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    • hmm those brown tips are a bit concerning? Any idea what’s going on? Heat stress? Too much watering? What type of soil are you using or have you added fertilizer?
      • I’ve just transplanted to new containers with new triple mix in hopes they turn around
        I was watering twice a day but have cut back to only once and also started putting them on the window sill or outside when the weather is nice
        Really just trying to figure out what happened because they were doing really well
        • The brown tips can be from over watering. The roots can form
          Fungus that is not good for the plant. They need to be in a window and water in the morning. You want the roots to be able to get the water in the morning but then be able to adapt to the dryer soil later on. Makes them strong and healthy!
          • Thanks for the advice and I’ve now added a bit of basil as well
            Since the changes I’ve been making they look alot better